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Exercise, Yoga Classes and Aquatic Centers are New Reimbursement Categories for Wellness Activity Program

Yoga and other exercise classes will be eligible for reimbursement through the Wellness Activity Reimbursement program starting July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018.

Adding the exercise classes into the reimbursement program encourages enrollees to develop interests in sustained healthy activities.

Exercise classes must be multiple sessions that encompass more than a 30-day timeframe.  A minimum 1-month payment of the classes/sessions is required to receive reimbursement through this program. Examples of eligible classes are yoga, aerobics, spinning, dance class, community education exercise classes, or Crossfit. One-time, single session or drop-in events or activities are not eligible. Leagues, physical therapy sessions, costume/ fundraising fees, or accessories such as yoga mats or sneakers are not eligible for reimbursement under this program.

The gym membership fee reimbursement program will expand as of July 1, 2017 to cover membership fees at aquatic centers. A minimum 1-month membership is required and only the membership fee is eligible for reimbursement. Not eligible under this program are memberships in sports clubs, country clubs, weight loss clinics, spas, or other similar facilities; maintenance fees, annual fees, initiation fees, food or beverage purchases, child care, and tanning.

The 2017-18 forms are available under the Wellness Forms tab. Click here to be directed to the Wellness Forms webpage.