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Urgent Care is an ER Alternative

Urgent care centers can be a good option when you need medical attention right away for an unforeseen illness or injury, but your health is not in serious danger. Using an immediate or urgent care center is suggested for non-life threatening injuries or illness that require a physician's attention on afternoons, evenings, weekends and holidays. The NY44 Health Trust plan offers a $0 copay for visits to an immediate or urgent care center.

It's also a good idea to become familiar with the locations of urgent care centers in your community. Use the links below to find centers near you.
There are several advantages to using an urgent care center rather than the emergency room -- it costs less and there is a shorter wait time. If you are not sure what to do, call your primary care physician's office.
As a general guideline, urgent care locations could be used for ear infections, other minor infections, headaches, sprains and strains, minor broken bones, small cuts, minor burns and injuries.