• Immediate and Urgent Care Centers - $0 copay - Nova / Independent Health                                         

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    Urgent care is when you need medical attention right away for an unforeseen illness or injury, but your health is not in serious danger. Using an immediate or urgent care center is suggested for non-life threatening injuries or illnesses that require a physician’s attention on afternoons, evenings, weekends and holidays. The Health Trust provides a $0 co-pay for visits to immediate or urgent care facilities.


    A visit to an immediate or urgent care center costs less than an emergency room visit. There is also a shorter wait time for non-emergency care at after-hours care centers than at an emergency room.


    If you are not sure what to do, take these first two steps:
    1. Call your primary care physician’s office
    2. Call 1-800-501-3439 - Nova / Independent Health 24-hour Medical Help Line for access to experienced
        registered nurses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for non-emergency medical issues and advice.      After dialing, ask for the 24-Hour Medical Help Line. 

    As a General Guideline
    Use the EMERGENCY ROOM for:
       Chest pain or squeezing sensation in chest
       Trouble breathing
       Seizure or loss of consciousness
       Severe abdominal pain
       Heavy or uncontrolled bleeding
       Large open wounds
       Major burns
       Spinal injuries
       Sudden paralysis or slurred speech
       Severe head injuries
       Poisoning or suspected overdose of medication

    Use the URGENT CARE CENTER for:
       Mild asthma attacks
       Ear infections
       Other minor infections
       Sprains and strains
       Minor broken bones
       Small cuts
       Minor burns and injuries
    Use the PRIMARY CARE PHYSICIAN Office for:
       The flu 
       Treatment for chronic conditions - such as diabetes or high blood pressure
       Preventive care visits
       General questions about your health
       Routine care