• WellNow/247 Online Care

    WellNow/247 Online Care began July 1, 2017 for enrollees in WNY and the Mid-Central Albany regions. Enrollees should have received an email with instructions to create an account and how to use the system. 

    Use/Read the User Guide link below for account creation.

    There is no out-of-pocket cost for NY44 enrollees in WNY, Mid-Central Albany and East Central regions to use the service. You must use the log-in assigned to you in order to have a $0 co-payment for this service. 247 OnlineCare is a telehealth service, connecting you with medical providers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We treat acute care illnesses by integrating our Skype like platform with a HIPAA compliant electronic medical records system; the same sort of system used in your local doctor's office. 

    common ailments treated by 247  
    All you will need to get started are Internet access, a webcam, a working microphone, Google Chrome (if on a computer) or download 247 Online Care's App when using a mobile device and you must be in NYS to receive care.

    247 Online Care User Guide                                                          247 Online Care Brochure

    QUESTIONS?  All questions about the 247 Online Care should be directed to the 247 Online Care customer service department at 1 (844) 247-6652.