• Smoking Cessation Program        
    At the beginning of 2011, Independent Health’s Pharmacy and Therapeutics (P&T) Committee added smoking cessation prescription drugs to the drug formulary.  This addition will make it easier for enrollees to enter and continue their participation in an approved smoking cessation program. 
    1. The enrollee’s provider will need to obtain prior authorization from Independent Health’s Pharmacy Benefit Dimensions®
    prior to use, documenting the enrollee’s participation in an approved smoking cessation program.  The initial prior authorization
    will be valid for one month and will be extended based upon documentation of the enrollee’s continued participation
    and compliance in the smoking cessation program.
    2. The following prescription drugs are available on the drug formulary: 
    $30 Co-pay Tier 3:          Nicotrol® Inhaler, Nicotrol® NS and Zyban®. 
    $0 Co-Pay Tier 1:           Bupropion SR (generic Zyban)
    $0 Co-pay Tier 1:           Chantix® (as of 7-1-11)