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247 Online Care Starts July 1 in Three Regions

Talking to a physician through a webcam on a home computer, phone or tablet, allows enrollees another option to obtain quality care. Starting July 1, 2017, we will expand the 247 Online Care service pilot program to the WNY and Mid-Central Albany regions. The East Central region, which piloted the 247 program last year, will continue piloting the service.

Enrollees will receive a welcome email from with log in information and instructions for creating an account and using the service.

The 247 physicians treat acute care illnesses by integrating a Skype like platform with a HIPAA compliant electronic medical records system; the same sort of system used in your local doctor’s office. The medical providers are trained to diagnose a variety of non-emergent diseases, illnesses, injuries and symptoms, including:

• Allergies
• Bites and Stings
• Bronchitis
• Common Cold
• Flu
• Pink Eye
• Rash
• Sinus Infections
• Sore Throat
• Sprains and Strains

Introduced as an option to help reduce unnecessary visits to emergency rooms, the 247 Online Care system has a zero dollar co-payment. School districts are receiving information and training for their employees directly from 247 Online. As a reference, the NY44 Health Trust website also provides documentation to explain how to register and use the system. Click here to get to the User Guide.

As the name implies, a medical professional can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It can be used whenever medical advice is needed, when you need a pharmacy refill but are unable to get into your primary care physician or specialist, when traveling in New York State and need medical assistance and to supplement routine and acute primary care visits during off hours.

The 247 Online system should not be used for emergency situations. The ER is still the best option for emergencies.

A few items need to be in place prior to registering and using the service starting July 1, 2017. You must use the Google Chrome web browser to launch your visit. This is free software you can download on your computer. You must have a working webcam and microphone on your computer.

For smartphone and tablets, the 247 OnlineCare Mobile App can be downloaded for free in the App Store and Google Play marketplace.

Enrollees with questions should contact 247 Online Care at 1-844-247-6652 or email at