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Welcome what we consider the most progressive and benefit-friendly health care plan for school districts in New York state and their employee associations. The NY44 Health Benefits Plan Trust is a unique partnership that succeeds on its collaborative framework of respect between labor and management. Established in 2003, the plan achieved self-funded status in 2008. It continues to grow significantly in its membership while containing annual costs and expanding benefit offerings. How do we do it? Read more.

Plan Information for Schools
With two clicks, enrollees can now easily locate information about their medical plan option.  Select your school name from the drop down menu and hit the submit button.

Plan Information


Board of Trustees


 NY44 Staff

Nancy Bojanowski
Executive Director, 
Human Resources
Bargaining Unions
John Pope, Chair
Erie 1 Administrators Association, SAANYS
 Plan Administrator/Ex Officio Trustee
Darleen A. Michalak, Ph.D.

Candace Reimer
Communication Services
Deborah Piatek,
Vice Chair

AFSCME Local 2341, 
10-month employees
 Claims Risk Manager
Thomas Pomidoro

James Fregelette
Executive Director, Administrative Services and Operations
Scott Decker
AFSCME Local 2567,
12-month employees
 Fiscal Manager
Alice Riley

Doreen Kausner
Coordinator of Finance
Services/District Treasurer
Rob Gottschall
Erie 1 Management
Association, SAANYS
 Customer Service Coordinator
Anne Menard

Melody Jason
Executive Director,
Instructional Programs and Services
Donna Walters
Erie 1 Professional Education Association, NYSUT
 Administrative Assistant/
Wellness Coordinator
Jeni Kapalczynski

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